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Smudges at Modern Bush Woman

  • White Sage removes ALL energy good and bad! White Sage is the first step in the smudging process! 

  • Palo Santo ushers in all the good vibes you need! Palo Santo is the second step in the smudging process! 

  • Rue is used to cleanse stubborn and persistent negative energy. Rue smudging is also used for protection and promotes health, wealth,  and love.

  • Pine cleanses negative energy and while providing protective energy. Pine promotes good health, prosperity, growth, and success. Pine supports inner strength, grounding, and new beginnings without past ties. 

  • Rosemary is used to banish negativity,  purify vibrations, uplift emotions, and invigorate the mind.  Rosemary is good to burn after white sage and palo santo.

  • Lavender creates happiness, healing, purification, and tranquility. Lavender is excellent to use after white sage and palo santo in the smudging process. 

  • Eucalyptus is used for protection and healing. As a natural relaxant, eucalyptus promotes inner peace and external tranquillity. Eucalyptus is excellent after white sage and palo santo in the smudging process. 

  • Sage & Peppermint: the sage removes negative energies while the peppermint raised the vibration of the space and ushers in wealth and prosperity.

  • Sage and Copal: sage drives away bad energy, cleanses and purifies, while copal refreshes by elevating your consciousness and vibrations and aids meditation.

  • Sweetgrass attracts good spirits, purifies auras, and usher in positive energies. Sweetgrass and is used to cleanse ceremonial or healing spaces of negative energy.

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